Seven Questions with Pickwick


We met with Pickwick at the Capitol Hill Block Party (CHBP) VIP lounge, from which I quickly recommended we move to a quieter location that wasn’t infested with Block Party-ers. Without hesitation Galen hopped up and we all made our way to Grims, a bar around the corner where we were able to talk and sip on cocktails from mason jars. The bar was practically empty, and the lighting and colors were insane.

Pickwick is made up of Galen Disston – vocals, Garrett Parker – bass, Michael Parker – guitar, Kory Kruckenberg – vibraphone/producer, Cassady Lillstrom – keyboard, Alex Westcoat – drums. I’ve been following the band closely since I moved to Seattle, which was about two years ago. I saw their basement sessions video and was blown away. Now, two years later, and after just completing a massive North American tour, they were about to headline Saturday’s CHBP (which was just a few hours away). We asked them a few difficult questions, here’s what they had to say…

Hows was the tour?
Galen: It was great! I hope we can keep doing this forever.
Michael: Some nights are harder than others. You just have to pace yourself, save your energy and just get used to living on the road.


What’s the band’s biggest point of contention?
Galen: (Pink Floyd’s) The Dark Side of the Moon is some of the worst guitar tones ever.
Cassady: I think that album is timeless…
Galen: That’s a pretty big point of contention and it’s been going on for about a year and my perspective hasn’t changed.

Who would survive the longest, lost and alone in the wilderness?
Michael: This is good, this is what we should be talking about. I think Cassidy and Kory would. I would die first…
Kory: I’m resourceful I think, but Alex likes tubing the river with beer, I think he could last. Galen’s a boyscout.
Galen: I am, although I didn’t make it to Eagle Scout. My ability to retain info is very limited…
Cassidy: Garrett is the most morally fit for survival in the wilderness. He wouldn’t have any qualms with killing anything.


How do you like to relax?
Galen: I’ve been reading novels recently, NOVELS mind you about the expanded Star Wars universe, Knights of the Old Republic, etc.
Michael: I’m not capable of relaxing.
Galen: That’s actually true.
Cassidy: I enjoy wood working
Alex: Trying to meditate recently.
Garrett: I’ve been reading Game of Thrones, that’s been keeping me very busy. I also play way too many video games.
Kory: I like to ride my bike and work…to relax.

What’s your musical guilty pleasure?
Galen: The 80’s Greatful Dead.
Michael: That’s tough, I have pretty awesome taste. ACDC?
Cassidy: INXS.
Alex: Smooth jazz, but has to have deep pockets and tacky tones.
Garrett: I’m not guilty.
Kory: The Counting Crows first record.



What keeps you up at night?
Michael: Twerking.
Kory: Trying to stay on top of our situation and what we have going on. We self released our record, and it’s a lot of fucking work, we’re doing national tours for the first time, we’re tour managing ourselves. Everything we’re doing we’re doing ourselves and it’s a lot of work, so just staying on top of things and keeping up. That’s what keeps me up at night.

What do you want to talk about?
Michael: We’ll be touring again this fall with Neko Case, which we’re really excited about. We play here in Seattle opening up for her at the Paramount. We’ll also be touring with Black Joe Lewis on the East coast, opening up for Okkervil River in New York, playing Terminal Five. A lot of fun shows for us coming up. After that tour we’re just going to keep writing songs and pushing forward, hopefully working on another record.

We just released our record on vinyl (Cant Talk Medicine). This show here at CHBP is the first time we’ve had them for sale because we’ve done it all ourselves. It’s been a lot of fun and so cool to have a product that we’re proud of.



Follow Pickwick’s tour schedule and be sure to catch them if they come through your area. They just put out one of my favorite records to date called Can’t Talk Medicine, which was produced by their very own Kory Kruckenberg. Support the band and buy their music, they’re doing it all independently. You can do so, here!

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