Pickwick Releases EP (feat. Sharon Van Etten) / Full Length Debut Album Upcoming

This morning, Pickwick’s Covers became available on iTunes. The EP features three covers that will sound very familiar to those who’ve had a chance to witness the band’s electrifying live performance.

Tracks are as follows:
1. Lady Luck (feat. Sharon Van Etten)
2. I Am the Greatest of All Liars
3. The Ostrich

Pickwick’s take on Richard Swift’s “Lady Luck” pulls the biggest draw of this release. Sharon Van Etten’s lovely croon adds a je ne sais quoi that even Swift’s fierce falsetto couldn’t provide on the original version of the track. This bit of feminine delicacy laid on top of Kory Kruckenberg’s pithy production creates a real treat for the ears AND you can download it here free of charge.

“I Am the Greatest of All Liars” and “The Ostrich” cover Damien Jurado and The Primitives (Lou Reed) respectively.

Can’t Talk Medicine, the band’s debut LP, will be released 12 March 2013.

Photo by Kyle Johnson
Photo by Kyle Johnson

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