Princess Chelsea – “The Cigarette Duet” – 1.29.12

“It’s just a cigarette and it’s just a Malboro Light 
Maybe but is it worth it if we fight? 
It’s just a cigarette that I got from Jamie-Lee 
She’s gonna get a smack and I’m gonna give you three” 

“The Cigarette Duet” by Princess Chelsea gets an award I’m making up right now for “Song I Don’t Want To Like But Definitely Still Do.” “The Cigarette Duet” doesn’t have the most creative melody, it isn’t lyrically amazing, I hate the album artwork, and it’s pretty much an unwritten rule that I can’t like any artist that has Princess in its name. Seriously, anyone that is over four years old and not a tiny dog owned by an 80% plastic “woman” should not have princess in their name. But… for some reason, I still like “The Cigarette Duet.” The creepy little melody and back and forth vocals somehow keep hooking me and making me want to come back for more (Insert cigarette comparison here).

I’m going to dedicate this Song of the Day to my friend that is currently living in San Sebastian, Spain. She gets my first ever dedication of a song because she was both the person who originally showed me “the Cigarette Duet” in the first place and is also most definitely the person I have given the most crap ever for smoking cigarettes. You’re in Spain now and far enough away from ridicule from me, so puff away little one, puff away..

“The Cigarette Duet” is off Princess Chelsea’s album Lil’ Golden Book.


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