Radiation City – “Find It Of Use” – 10.3.12




Radiation City‘s “Find It Of Use” is surprisingly memorable for me. I don’t know why, this type of music wouldn’t normally catch my attention or stir an urge to listen to it over the many other songs I could listen to. But it did. I think it’s the transition into old disco-E feel at 1:40. That would be their blend of 60’s bossa nova and Chicago Jazz.

The song (or video) is based around the old “cumbersome” piano that had been in drummer Randy Bemrose’s house for eons. The band used it throughout the recording process of their latest EP , not only for it’s basic purpose (the keys) but for its oldness(?). They tapped on it, rocked it for squeaks and cracks, they even slammed the lid. They used it for all it’s worth and made a great EP. And the finale was destroying it in a misty field as a celebration of it’s life.

Radiation City has a lot more to offer. I recommend looking further!









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