[Round Up] Alex’s Top 5 Tracks

Whenever deemed necessary, Dead Horse March contributors are given the opportunity to reflect on their favorite personal tracks posted in the past.  We have given these wonderful songs of yesteryear another day in the sun; another taste of the luxurious limelight.  This phenomenon will be known simply as “The Round Up.



#1 Elephant – “Ants”

“The dreamy London pop song has taken hold of me and will not let go, repeatedly having its way with my eardrums. I’m completely fine with the eardrum lovin’ though because it’s more than consensual. I’m hoping this relationship lasts a long time and I can only hope they will eventually venture to Seattle in the future because long distant relationships are hard. Don’t worry Elephant, I’ll wait as long as it takes!”

Originally posted on 12.10.11

#2 Spanish Prisoners – “Rich Blood”

“… For every great band that plays chill wave there are 50 more bands behind them that are not quite up to par… This Brooklyn based band is not 1 of the 50…”

Originally posted on 12.28.11

#3 Louise And The Pins – “Beauty Strange”

“… Louise Hulls vocals are what really draw me in but its the combination of them and Bethan Gorman and Sara Templeman (The Pins) 50′s style harmonies that gets me to stay…”

 Originally posted on 12.15.11

#4 PAPA – “Let’s Make You Pregnant”

“Besides being the exact phrase I would like to use when I decided to have children with whatever lady ends up being lucky enough to settle down with me, “Let’s Make You Pregnant,” is also the title of one of the five tracks off PAPA‘s EP, A Good Woman is Hard To Find…”

Originally posted on 12.19.11

#5 Timber Timbre – “Creep On Creepin’ On”

“Another Wednesday, it’s not quite the depressing mood of a Monday while not having the up beat feeling of a Friday. Timber Timbre and the happy/sad oxymoron of emotion their songs  have is the perfect fit for today. Pessimist or optimist either way you can enjoy “Creep On Creepin’ On.””

Originally posted on 11.23.11

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