[Round-Up] Ben’s Top 5 Tracks

Whenever deemed necessary, Dead Horse March contributors are given the opportunity to reflect on their favorite personal tracks posted in the past.  We have given these wonderful songs of yesteryear another day in the sun; another taste of the luxurious limelight.  This phenomenon will be known simply as “The Round Up.



#1 Dirty Gold – “California Sunrise

“It’s no surprise this 60’s-esque dream pop duo hails from the golden state. Dirty Gold’s California Sunrise’s warm dreamy melodies, Afro-pop guitar riffs, and reverberated child-like vocals will leave you in a hazy trance with nothing but  babes, brews and bonfires on the mind. Pardon the alliteration, it came naturally.

The song is about summer romances fading away as winter hits. It makes sense though, everyone looks more desirable with a fresh tan.”

Originally posted on Jan 22, 2012

#2 Shimmering Stars – “I’m Gonna Try

“Ugh, story of my life…But if you listen to Shimmering Stars‘ “I’m Gonna Try” blindly it comes off as a feel good groovy tune from the ’50s. Turns out they’re in their late 20′s and are a bunch of “sexually repressed and puritanically correct” jerks from some small town in Canada called “British Columbia.”

Where ever that is.”

Originally posted Dec 3, 2011

#3 Alexander – “Truth

“Alexander is the birth name of the dirty dreadlocked cult leader who most or all of you know as Edward Sharp of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros.

Alexander is an extension of Edward Sharp and gang, but without the gang. He’s riding solo in this project and to put it simply, I like the vibrations he be puttin’ out. His lyrics in “Truth” are slightly dark, deeply capturing, catchy and they flow wonderfully.”

Originally posted Dec 17, 2011

#4 Bedouin Soundclash Feat. Coeur De Pirate – “Brutal Hearts

“It’s a tough thing to accept that someone is using you and be ok with it. But if the feelings mutual I guess it’s kosher…It’s ironic because I listened to this a lot with my last girlfriend because it bears resembles to a romantic song you would dedicate to your “boo.” I guess it would be more appropriate for my current circumstances, that being alone and looking for someone to use me…””What a beautiful song about a one night stand, or many night stands for that matter.”

Originally posted Dec 30, 2011

#5 SBTRKT – “Wildfire

“A soft voice over a rough beat is a deadly combination. Like peanut butter and banana, SBTRKT and Yukimi Nagano of Sweden based Little Dragon come together in “Wildfire” to create a surprising yet delightful treat.”

Originally posted Dec 27, 2011


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