Sadies Top iTunes Songs Of 2012

Top 9 songs I listened to on Itunes this year.
(Fuck 10? What makes 10 so special?)

iTunes Sadie


9. Billie Holiday – “These Foolish Things”

If I could die and be buried in a song, it would be this one. Therefore, perhaps rather morbidly, I guess I listened to it pretty much every day on the bus.

8. Antony and Bryce Dessner – “I Was Young When I Left Home”

It’s raining outside. Find a mud stained Jeep. Drive that Jeep around Seattle listening to this song.

7. Bill Evans – “Spartacus Love Theme”

The master. Through this I am also the master…of the math that I did while listening to it (What’s up Calculus!).

6. Purity Ring – “Fineshrine

This song reminds of me of Game of Thrones. I don’t know why, besides that they coincided culturally for me and are both awesome.

5. Led Zeppelin – “Black Dog”

Can you get pregnant aurally? If so, then I’m octo-mom on this shit.

4. Jay-Z -“Cashmere Thoughts”

“Life is short so play hard and stick hard and the only time you love them is when your dick hard.”

3. Frank Ocean – “Pyramids

Probably on everyone’s top list. But the second half of this song is insane. A deeply metaphorical stripper pimp opus.

2. J. Cole – “Lights Please”

Beat is old school, and it sounds like he is literally spitting when he finishes sentences.

1. Joan as Police Woman – “Anyone”

This whole record slays, but this song in particular is so soft and true and sexy.

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