Seth Frightening – “Wake Up” – 3.10.12

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“Into oblivion…  Thinking of myself… I’m wondering…
  Don’t sweat your sweet, your summer skirt in my head.
I slept through it.  I missed it.   I slept through your morning light.
Don’t waste the time, dont waste my time, all I really wanted…

I’m in a coma.  Sooner or later, I’ll die alone.
Go outside, go outside, go outside
I’ll leave my gun on the mantle, I’ll just need my knife. 
I’ll just need my knife, so I can cut the vines…”


Wellington, New Zealand-based Seth Frightening is the “psychedelic sonic explorations” of Sean Kelley.  The ethereal and expansive folk universe that he singularly creates is at once reminiscent of Animal Collective upbringing yet distinctly different.  Repetitious and incessant rhythm, wailing, nasal, yet vulnerable; the vocals are tinged with the desperate and the harmonious and vaguely-veiled emotion.  An honest attempt to look towards the light in the face of incomparable struggle; building beautiful ships for distant seas.

The end result is a melancholic yet blissful journey towards nature and awareness, toward death, towards life; the Ouroborus.  The musings of a mind stuck mid day-dream, while a loved one suffers silently down the hospital hall.  The only solace availed in simply living life in the wake of catastrophe, to fill lungs, to experience, to “go outside.”

After listening to this track on repeat for a few hours, I can literally feel the sorrow wash over his words… I can feel it burbling and saturating at the seams… Searing and sincere… Seconds from spilling over the sides and then, the final release, rest.

Wake Up.”


As of now, Seth Frightening‘s EP, B. Hoo, is available for FREE on his BandCamp with the support of Sonorous CircleDo yourself the favor, devote six minutes and twenty-seven seconds to this song today.


seth frightening-1

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