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Burger Records sent a handful of the Burger family out to caravan around the US and Canada in what is called the Burgerama Caravan of Stars Tour 2013, headlined by The Growlers. It was one of the strongest lineups I’ve seen. It was magical. I was a little late, but I was able to catch Together Pangea, Gap Dream, Cosmonauts, and The Growlers. The highlight of the evening was seeing Gap Dream for the first time, and getting to talking to Gabriel Fulvimar of Gap Dream about stress, things he loves and hates, celeb crushes, and touring with the Burger family. He doesn’t hold back anything, on stage or in person. Not in a fake, “I don’t care what anyone thinks” way, either. He’s just an honest person who seems to think a lot, and loves making music.
Really, he’s just trying to find a “chill spot.”


What keeps you up at night?
Fuck man, stress, thinking about money, thinking about people I owe money to, thinking about stupid things I’ve done, thinking about everything. I’m a bad insomniac. It’s really awful because they make fun of me a Burger for sleeping late, and it’s not because I’m lazy, it’s because I can’t go to bed.

Do you think playing music, touring, and growing your fan base will relieve that stress at all?
No. Because my music is something I deeply care about. I know it all ends someday and I don’t want it to. I will always have this worry about it, because it’s my precious. It’s something I love to do, and I hope I never lose it. It’s the only thing I got.


What’s the best thing you’ve taken from your home town (Akron, Ohio)?
My computer…everything. All my friends, all my family, and all the people I love. They’re in me. I imitate them in ways, I have their sense of humor, I have their jokes, I have they’re personality. I have inside jokes in all my songs for my friends to laugh at. I do all kinds of stupid things that make my buddy Greg laugh and just hope that he’s reading it or looking at pictures. Really just everything. I mean it blows, but it’s a great place to grow up, and there’s a lot of great people there. Fuck, I wouldn’t erase those memories for anything.

Where did your your earliest musical influences come from?
I remember watching “Maneater” by Hall & Oats on MTV when I was a little kid. We had cable for just a brief period. I must have been 2 years old, and I remember that song haunted me. I also remember Stevie Nicks from my mother. Guns N’ Roses, they showed me how to give a fuck.

Do you have a celeb crush?
Yea, there’s a bunch of em. I love Signori Weaver, she’s everything I wanted my mother to be. There’s this American Apparel model, and I mean I hate to admit it, but I want to bang the shit out of her. 



If you were to protest anything, what would it be?
Everything. I hate listening to people argue. I’m sick of it. I had to grow up with my parent s arguing  all the time. I’m sick of people being so fucking stupid, because people don’t realize they’re so polarized on one issue, like racism. I think that if we all just stopped thinking about it, it would go away. It’s 2013, we need to come together and not fight about nitty-gritty bullshit and just love. Drop all of our egos, stop fighting about religion. It’s stupid, it’s bullshit, and I don’t even care. I ignore pop-culture because I’m so disgusted by it, and how revolting it’s become. I mean what the fuck kind of legacy do we have? It’s a clown show.


Are you going to keep making albums?
I’m just along for the ride. I mean I know I will. I believe my next album will be something I can be proud of, and it’s going to open a lot of doorways. When that happens, you have the opportunity to be a touring band or work with other bands. I lean towards working with others the most, because in my heart, I am a studio nerd. I love fucking with cables, synthesizers, helping people get tones, watching them get excited, getting excited myself, it’s magical.

Then there’s this other side of me where I love being on the road, acting like an animal, partying every night, losing my voice, I love it. I love the stress of it. I mean I snuck across the border, hiding in The Growlers’ van. The rush of just doing something stupid like that, I mean I’m sure I’ll get busted for it. It’s literally one of the things where when you’re on the road and you’re in a different city every night, it’s the best feeling. This is going to be the best tour of my life, I know for sure. We’re family, I mean we’re fuckin’ partying every night and we’re not stopping. We’re going to have a blast every night. I hope that people get hip to that and realize that this is something that’s never going to happen again.

The tour runs from September 19th – October 11. Don’t miss this if they come through. 







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