Skinny Lister – “Rollin’ Over” – 5.17.12

Skinny Lister
“Rollin’ Over”

“Please be waiting,
My way back home im making,
as i roll,
roll back to your side,
im returning,
ill keep the home fire burning,
as i roll,
roll back to your side.”

I think I just found my new spring/summer music love. Sorry dream-pop, I’ve really enjoyed our time together, we’ve just drifted apart recently and I need something new and more upbeat. I swear it’s not you, it’s me. I hope we can still be friends, bye…

…Hey Lorna, how you doing? I know you don’t know me but we have a lot in common and I think we would get along great. We share the same taste in music, sort-of, in the sense that you create music and I enjoy it. Have I ever mentioned how much I love the ukulele? Oh you play that as well as sing? I had no idea. You guys have a wonderful blog that focuses a great deal on music and interesting pictures. You’re not going to believe this, but I also happen to have a blog that focuses on music and pictures. What are some of my favorite thing you ask? Well I just love drinking, especially at pubs, they really are the best and recently I’ve been loving the producer David Wrench who previously worked with Bat for Lashes. SHUT UP, David did not produce your upcoming album Forge & Flagon that was named after a pub your family and friends run! We have so much in common, it’s like we finish each-others…   Oh my god, I didn’t finished my sentence and you also didn’t finish my sentence, it’s like you knew.

Anyway, I’m not really good at this whole thing, but would you want to like… I dunno, like um… Come back to Seattle so I can actually catch you in concert this time? You and Daniel Heptinstall (songwriter, vocals, stomp box, acoustic guitar), Maxwell Thomas (vocals, mandolin), Sam “Mule” Brace (electric guitar, concertina) and Dan Gray (double bass) can all crash in my studio apartment. It’s not the biggest place in the world but I have some great bedtime stories that I just know you’ll love and fall right asleep too and I promise to make my famous breakfast scramble in the morning. Also I brew my own beer so there is lots and lots of that. I know you might be busy with your UK tour, the release of Forge & Flagon and making music videos for all your songs but if you have some time in the future there is always room on the hardwood floor of my apartment.


Skinny Lister – “If the Gaff Don’t Let Us Down”


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