Sleigh Bells – “Born To Lose” – 1.7.12

“I just had to … suicide
… just get on with it
You were born to lose
When you had … 
What you want from me
You were born to lose”

We’re a little behind the rest of the game in posting the new Sleigh Bells track “Born To Lose.” In case anyone was wondering a “little behind the game” for a internet music blogs = a month and a half before the album is released. We decided to go ahead and post it anyway because it’s a Saturday and there is no better way to get pumped up and ready for a night on the town than blasting a Sleigh Bells song with the speakers turned to 11.

It looks like Sleigh Bells is sticking with the same formula that made their 2010 album Treats such a delight (I feel like I’m missing out on a great pun opportunity here) to listen too. It doesn’t seem possible that Sleigh Bells formula of female vocals varying between soft and yelling combined with hard rocking simple riffs should still work but somehow it does. “Born To Lose” gives me hope that Reign Of Terror, Sleigh Bells new album due out in February, wont be a letdown and will instead bring some much needed life into these dole winter months.

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