[Song of the Day] Bombino – Amidinine


bombino_by_ronwyman_02It’s old news. That being said, I’m old now — and I finally understand how those unfortunate souls above the age of 25 (roughly, the age of dirt) fall out of touch with what the whizzbangers and teen-boppers are listening to on their gramamamophones. Now, in my salt-and-pepper hair phase I’m finding myself drawn to the zen of fly fishing, landscape photography and have even considered crafting my own soap (this literally happened) more than the Rainier-tall-can-tossing shows of yesteryear. This isn’t to say I’ve lost my edge, bro, so buzz off, just positing on my sad excuse for the writing you’re reading.

Bombino pleases this duality, combining something intrinsically old with something completely new. The sound of wind through telephone wires, the electromagnetic nature of a spider web on a cell phone tower. Produced by Dan Auerbach, the mysterious and entrancing blues-rock album Nomad is among the greats of last year.

I wish I could have embedded more tracks for you to listen to but you’ll have to find them on your own.


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