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grimes1I’ll say it: I’ve become a sucker for pop music.

As a seasoned veteran of the blogosphere (~4 years!? I don’t know…) I’ve reached the point of irrelevance and I’ve seen the passing trends sky-rocket, explode, and fade in to the retrograde. I’m not on that hype shit anymore, I just don’t have the time or patience. I need me time. That being said, I listen to MOViN 92.5 in the Subaru with the windows rolled down and the bass beats fizzling, falling flat through the tape deck; and I smile like a clam.

With her failed foray in to pop stardom, Grimes’ new track — originally written for Rihanna — has become an instant summer-mix-dance-hit. Slide it in right next to “Turn Down For What” and you’re going to like the way you feel, probably.

— Travis


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