The Growlers – “Good Advice”

I’ve been a huge proponent of the latest Growlers release, Chinese Fountain.

The introduction of dynamic space in production, the addition of glam, disco, and some rarified-neon to the song structure, and the growing sense of maturity from Brooks’ songwriting all combine to create a more complete and holistic album than they’ve put out previously.

You’re always aware of the underpinned disenfranchisement in their releases, the subtle hint of darkness, their acknowledgement of lost love and the bleakness of “a music scene.” These dimensions have always bubbled up so perfectly in their surf-rock, no-regerts, zero-fucks-given posturing.

The Growlers typify that moment you realize you’re the oldest person at the party and the last one standing. The moment you realize you’re really on your own, utterly self-aware. When you want to leave but can’t muster the gumption. Growing pains. Irresponsibility as a crippling effect. The ownership of your life and decision-making. It’s all going to pan out.


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