RiotHorse – “Rabbit Hole”

RiotHorse Rabbit Hole The Guest House

I stumbled upon a piece of scratch paper on my desk from around a month ago that says “Party Horse (or something) – Rabbit Hole”. Since lose-leaf paper is one of the many scientific ways I track music I either enjoy or want to listen to, I was eventually able to deduce that “Party Horse” was actually “RiotHorse” and that their song “Rabbit Hole” was the one I have been crudely attempting to recreate with awful mouth whistles for the past weeks.

Although I was crestfallen to find out that RiotHorse (Emily Greene and Madi Diaz) only have the single song released at the moment, their website does advertise for the upcoming EP The Guest House, a release I’m eagerly awaiting with open ears.

You can follow RiotHorse through their Website, Twitter, Instagram, or Soundcloud


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