Spanish Prisoners – “Rich Blood” – 12.28.11

I was checking last night to see what the Song of the Day for today was and noticed that we didn’t even have one. And, on my birthday of all days. I am so disappointed with past Alex.

In a hurry, I tried to think of what song I should do for my ever so important birthday. At first I thought it should be something sentimental and meaningful to me. Then I thought it could be Blink 182′s “What’s My Age Again” in celebration of not being 23 anymore (I can finally be liked again!). Finally I just said fuck it and decided to make it a song I’ve liked a lot recently.

Spanish Prisoners were recently named one of the top Bandcamp bands of the year by NPR. I’m going to jump right on that and agree. Aside from one of my absolute favorite songs of the year, Spanish Prisoners have been one of my favorite groups from Bandcamp and “Rich Blood” is one of my favorite songs from their album Gold Fools. I have been enjoying chill wave music recently and have come to realize that for every great band that plays chill wave there are 50 more bands behind them that are not quite up to par. I guess you could say that about any kind of music but I only brought it up so I could say that this Brooklyn based band is not 1 of the 50. I would suggest checking out everything else they have to offer!

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