StaG – “Summerfoot” – 6.7.12


I have here StaG‘s first two singles released, which will be on their upcoming album When it Falls Apart. Although one of my favorite things is sitting back to bask in hard earned honest self appreciation after finding a great band, I can’t give myself any finders credit on this one because I received a tip in the mail from a StaG band member just yesterday. So thank you, Mac Welch.

StaG has one album out already titled Rifle Meeker, a name which derived from their drive between their former and present lives in Colorado and California. The story behind the album, that of the struggles of a passionate student in their early 20’s struck me as eerily similar to myself a few years ago. It’s also about missing California, which is where they get that Dirty GoldBeach House /  The Holiday Friends vibe. You know the vibe that washes over you like a wave of nostalgia, making you miss a high school experience you never had, consisting of beach bonfires, falling in love, and late night shenanigans on warm summer nights.

Find StaG’s Rifle Meeker here. Standout tracks are “Noise,” “Turn Away,” “Optimist,” and my favorite off the album, “Morsels (for a task)”

Follow the links for more info: Bandcamp/Facebook.



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