[Listen] Magic Sword – Debut Album

Magic Sword
Debut Album

magic swordSummary: A dark psychotropic sensual swim right under the surface of pure pop bliss. On Mars.

If “In The Face of Evil” doesn’t prepare you to strap in to that goddamn jump-seat and take off towards the untrod surface of Mars and the promise of extra-terrestrial danger I don’t know what will — It’s like you’re fucking immune to being badass. In any case, I’M ready. The neon-lights screaming across the arc of my helmet, an anticipating sweat developing at every pore, the countdown approaching. The sounds and light searing into a white heat, the final panic swelling and racing, until — nothing. That distinct moment when ideas and actions culminate in to fate. Simple, peaceful, inescapable fate.

Or whatever.

– Travis

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