The Albertans – “The Wake” – 1.25.12

“I’d like to swallow those pills you’ve got (hold on)
I’d like to feel what it feels like to not (hold on)
put on the wake of aye oh so
put on the wake of aye oh so” 

Usually I don’t like listening to a song too many times in a row because one thing I hate is disliking something I used to love. It’s because of my song fasting and refusal to overplay music I like that I still enjoy music from years ago that other friends have long since grown tired of. Recently I have found myself becoming entranced by new song discoveries and playing them over and over again, not being able to stop. It’s like I’ve turned into some sort of audio drug fiend that can only get his fix by listening to the same song on repeat.

The Albertans “The Wake” has been my new audio drug of choice recently and I must say that I’m a little surprised by it. In my past song binges I listened to them the first time and was blown away and then was always chasing the high with subsequent listens that never quite measured up to the amazing experience of the first. “The Wake” has been different because it’s musical high has only gotten better, the catchy hook and vocals drawing me in more and more  with every listen. I can only hope that my computer doesn’t break anytime soon because I can’t imagine what kind of things I would do to get my next “The Wake” fix.

The Albertans formed in Vancouver a few years back before touring the U.S. for two years crossing the continent and traveling over 50,000 miles collecting fans as they went. After their bus broke down in 2010 they eventually made their way back to Vancouver where they recorded the album New Age which was released in the spring of 2011. Ian Everall, Krystin Monaghan, Joel Bravo, Curtis Mclean and Alison Yip make up The Albertans and are the ones I will give partial blame to for my downward spiral into musical addiction.

– Alex

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