The Dig – “I Already Forgot Everything You Said” – 10.4.12

The Dig
“I Already Forgot Everything You Said”

“I already Forgot Everything You Said” by The Dig is one of my favorite songs of the year. The soft, dreamy beginning of the song draws me in every time I hear it and continues to lull me into a peaceful state of mind for the remaining five minutes. I would not recommend the song as a pump up jam before a work out or anything like that, but it’s perfect for a crisp sunny fall morning, a relaxing night at home, or whatever happens to be your ultimate situation for a relaxing song. I recommend listening to just the song first before giving the music video (attached below) a watch. It’s not a bad video at all, but for a track like this, I enjoy hearing it without visuals the first few times so my mind can freely wander.

“I Already Forgot Everything You Said” is directed by Tyler Greco and is off The Dig’s album Midnight Flowers, out now through Buffalo Jump Records.



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