The Grizzled Mighty

The Grizzled Mighty

Dead Horse March - The Grizzled Mighty
The Grizzled Mighty: Ryan Granger (Left) Whitney Petty (Right)

Who are the Grizzled Mighty? A Seattle rock duo made up of Ryan Granger (formerly of Fox and the Law) and Whitney Petty (formerly of Deerhunter). Ryan’s a radical guitarist who’s tough, has a beard, smokes cigarettes, and he recently had a fuzz pedal custom designed just for him. Whitney bashes drums like it’s a “Whack-a-Mole” arcade game, spits beer at the crowd, dawns lots of brightly colored spandex and leopard print, and probably doesn’t give any less a fuck than Ryan.

The band recently recorded their second album titled Thick Hand Grip, it’s the sound track to your dream life. Listen HERE!


Grizzled Mighty - Travis Gillett

Grizzled Mighty - Travis Gillett-5

As a band, what do you disagree with most?
Child slavery.

If you could pick 3 (living) musicians/bands to play with on a bill, who would it be?
Eddy Money (The Money Man, because he likes to party), Dweezil Zappa (because his name is Dweezil), and Paul Shaffer (because he likes to party).

#1 thing you want to do on stage, but you may be afraid to do, but hope to in the future?

#1 thing you’ve seen someone do on stage?

Grizzled Mighty - Travis Gillett-2

Grizzled Mighty - Travis Gillett-3

Grizzled Mighty - Travis Gillett-1(1)

What is the best non-musical aspect of playing in a band?
Drugs and boobs.

You both have had experience playing music festivals in other bands; pros and cons of playing for such a large new audience?
Pro – Girls actually wear little to no clothes (more boobs), drugs are easier to come by
Cons – More distractions (more boobs).

First CD/Cassette?
Ryan: *Gunfighter Ballads and Trail Songs by *Marty Robbins
Whitney: American Fool by John Cougar.

First song learned on guitar?
Ryan: “Suzie Q” by Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR).

Whitney: “Stairway to Heaven” by Led Zeppelin.

Non-musical role model?
Ryan: Macho Man Randy Savage
Whitney: Tesla.

Celeb crush?
Ryan: Kelly Kapowski.

Whitney: Schwarzenegger (since she was 13).

How long can you hold your breath?
Ryan: I use to be a life guard and able to hold my breath for nearly 3 min…. then I discovered cigarets, so now, probably 45 seconds
Whitney: 1 adult bong load.

Thoughts on the Justin Bieber/Selena Gomez breakup?
Who is Selena Gomez?

Childhood fear?
Ryan: Bears.

Whitney: Spiders.

Biggest fear?
Ryan: Bears.

Whitney: Involuntary hypnotism.


Grizzled Mighty - Travis Gillett-8

SFC 1.30.13-11

Grizzled Mighty - Ben Lindbloom

Favorite cultural/music publication?
Internet, because it’s not regulated by money like all the other publications. RIP Rollingstone

Where do you get your news?
Ryan: The Daily Show.

Whitney: Something is news when it happens the first time. Everything else is just gossip.

You just recorded your first album, what are your feelings on it?
It’s our second album…jerk.

Is there a tour in the works?
Yes, we embark on our journey to SXSW and
Treefort in March!

Grizzled Mighty - Travis Gillett-20

Grizzled Mighty - Travis Gillett-19

Grizzled Mighty - Travis Gillett-13

Grizzled Mighty - Travis Gillett-15

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