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On a weekly to bi-weekly basis (depending on our motivation) Dead Horse March will be giving its contributors a music related prompt to answer. They will cover a variety of topics and will hopefully act as a window into our minds, hearts, and souls, showing what we like and the path that led us there.

This week’s prompt we asked the men and women contributors of DHM what their “Baby Making Music” would be? We left it open for each person to interpret how they would. Read the responses below and let us know what yours are in the comment section below! 



If the music we enjoy is the soundtrack to our lives, romance makes up at least a third of the track listing. It’s difficult to settle on one song, album, or artist as the default for the breakfast timeslot, the commute to work timeslot, or the taking a poop timeslot. Different days call for different measures (gross . . . no pun intended). Certainly, early-stage romance, recreational sexual encounters, and thirtieth anniversary love making (we’ll employ some wishful thinking here & hope all of you are still getting hot & heavy– please just pretend for our sake) all require a different score. Add the person(s), place, sobriety level, and any number of other factors & the resulting equation becomes complex pretty quickly. The point is, it’s personal & it changes all the time. That said, here are a few scenarios:

1. For romance novel quality, Hipstamatic filtered sexy sex that’s dripping with sweat, try Saturdays = Youth by M83.

2. Bon Iver is always a good choice if you’re looking to inject some emotion into your current attachment. The Blood Bank EP has some nice rises & falls built in. Timing just less than twenty minutes, it’s perfect for your lunch break & will leave you feeling fulfilled both physically & emotionally (or, you’ll be in tears; Justin Vernon’s voice could just as easily accompany your depressing breakup sex, of course).

[audio:|titles=Beach Baby]

3. If you’re looking for something more ambient, try Panda Bear’s Person Pitch. It’s fun & sweet & maybe by the end you’ll have some feelings for the person next to you. That’s what doing it is supposed to be about, right? Feelings.



Not being able to literally make babies has had no impact on me trying progressively harder as the years go by. Disclaimer: I have a deep an abiding love of D’Angelo, Marvin Gaye, and Anthony Hamilton. Further Disclaimer: I have been listening to this music since I was six, so while typically reserved for late night candle light smooth boogies, these artists were more my average Thursday night homework jam.  This is a tough one therefore. What music would I want playing at my non-denominational civil union? What music makes me want to get it on? What music reminds me of some of the greatest romantic experiences of my life? The answers to those questions are a.) “Long Way Home” by Tom Waits b.) Chill wave 3.) “Paper Moon” by Coleman Hawkins.

However the song that most demands a place in this post is “Nothing Even Matters” by Lauryn Hill ft. D’Angelo. This deep cut (did I just type that?) off her classic The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill is all I could ever want from a girl. The lyrics speak to the narrowing of focus that accompanies being surrounded body and soul by ones lover. Simple synth washes accompanied by finger snaps, 90’s bass pulses and most importantly, two of the greatest forces of modern RnB crooning to each other and the universe. If my respective imaginative penesia allowed for it, I would happily pollinate the world over to this track.

[audio:|titles=Nothing Even Matters]



It’s a three-way (get it!?) tie:
1) Starter kit: AIR, “Planet Vega”. AIR’s self-styled “lullabies for adults” are in a different category of cool for me, and this track ticks all the right boxes for an advanced makeout session, possibly evolving into who-can-say-what-else:

-The solid, slightly insistent bass groove? Git Down.
-Full, gorgeous instrumentals? Check.
-Classic AIR synth, building and breaking tension throughout, rolling in waves? Yes. ~3:40
-The ethereal, je ne sais quoi combination of musical soul and dream-state that can only happen with AIR on a Planet called Vega? Checcccck.

The acoustics on “Planet Vega” come across best when seated/laying on a couch with a special ladyfriend; for some reason, I think quite late at night on a summer’s eve will do. Winter’s good too. Tonight is good. Call me.

2) It works well on repeat: Dan the Automator: “Nathaniel
Merriweather Presents: Lovage (Music To Make Love To Your Old Lady By)”

Dan the Man Nakamura from the Handsome Boy Modeling School channels his inner lothario (Nathaniel Merriweather) on arguably the best-titled album I’ve ever heard. Dan/Nathaniel automates a great range of instrumentals, from smoky to tender to straight sex, aided by the estimable Kid Koala spinning and sampling and the breathy, were-they-seriously-doing-it-while-they-recorded vocals of Mike Patton and Jennifer Charles. The tracks flow together beautifully on both the instrumental and full versions, and if it’s the only album you’ve got for a long night of youknowwhuuh, you’re going to be just fine.

3) Feelings and shit: Nick Drake, Five Leaves Left
My creators have input data suggesting that humans are susceptible to unpredictable variations of activity in their chemical synapses resulting in “emotion”. Further research confirms that the hushed poetry, beautiful looping, and introspective (but not depressing) tone of Nick Drake’s finest album takes all listeners immediately to a deeper place. “‘Cello Song” and “Three Hours” are intimate, layered, incredible songs under any circumstance, but the experience is best when shared. Same for the soulful piano of “Saturday Sun” and the gentle strumming of “River Man”. It’ll do just to lay there and listen together, but whatever floats your boat to cuddletown. Or so this robot’s processor calculates.

4. It was in an orgy scene of sexy vampires on True Blood: Thievery Corporation, “The Forgotten People”. Right out of the jungle, mayne.



Well seeing as I’m a guy, I don’t really need any sort of music to help get me into the mood. I could be listening to C-SPAN on the highest level possible and still be good to go. So, being the gentleman I am, I just go with whatever the lady happens to fancy, because in the end it’s all about her. Which brings me to my next point; has boasting about gentlemanliness on a music blog ever helped someone pick up a girl? No? I’ll stop.

Since I don’t really associate any music with the act of “doing it” I decided to think about it another way. If I had a girl over at my place for dinner and I was going to put a record I owned on before we sat down to eat a wonderful home cooked meal and have a night of laughter and life changing conversation (I swear I’ll stop now), what would I choose? After flipping through my collection a few times, I decide on someone that didn’t cross my mind when first thinking about this prompt – Beirut. Beirut may not be the most conventional choice, but I don’t think Zach Condon and the gang are that bad of one either. Beirut has a nice worldly feel to their music that I’ve always associated with romance, due mostly to my (somewhat justified) belief that America is the drunken frat boy of romance, where the rest of the world is comparable to the last 15 minutes of most love stories, always ready with a grand romantic gesture or off the cuff soliloquy by the protagonist that sums up his love.

What I’m trying to say with my run-on sentence is that Beirut and pretty much any side of any one of their records would be my choice to have as background music while trying to have a nice night with whatever lady I tricked into having dinner at my place. As for music later in the night… Well I figure we would make that ourselves. Sorry, someone had to use that line.



Broken Social Scene’s entire album “You Forgot It In People”

…find me jerkin’ it in the corner.







Shampoo Suicide


What is your “Baby Making Music”?


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