The Herd – “Pre-Funk & Party Music!!!”

On a weekly to bi-weekly basis (depending on our motivation) Dead Horse March will be giving its contributors a music related prompt to answer. They will cover a variety of topics and will hopefully act as a window into our minds, hearts, and souls, showing what we like and the path that led us there.

In honor of St Paddy’s Day tomorrow we have a semi-themed prompt asking our contributors what music they would listen to if they were getting ready for a big night on the town and wanted to pump themselves up and get in the mood to PARTY!!!
(I’m allowed to generalize about the Irish and drinking because I’m like half Irish or something)



I know Travis, Ben and myself (and I’m sure some of the other contributors as well) had a really hard time narrowing our picks down to just one or two. It seemed like with every song we brought up it would reminded us of ten others we could use. I’m not sure if that says more about our music knowledge or about how much we party…

Anyway, I’m going start this party-playlist right off the bat with Flogging Molly. I saw them in concert earlier this week, this is a St. Paddy’s Day themed Herd, my middle names McGuire, and so I feel like I have the right to be the one that uses them for one of my songs. I could’ve picked almost any Flogging Molly song because so many of them just make you want to get up, throw back a pint or ten and dance like you won’t remember the next day.


Flogging Molly – “Devils Dance Floor”

I don’t feel like I need to give an explanation for my other choice.

Quad City DJs – “Space Jam Theme Song”

[audio:|titles=Quad City DJs Space Jam Theme Song]

Die Sunrise Tapes by Grauzone

Spontaneous midnight van rides to the hot springs and pre-maturely emptied whiskey bottles couldn’t go any better with an aurally delicious side of Grauzone’s album Die Sunrise Tapes. I can not think of any other album that ignites my late-night second wind like this one. This album brings me back to that nostalgic place of change: change of place, change of friends, and change of mind. I long for those long sunny days and warm summer nights in Portland…perhaps this album is exactly what I need to pull myself out of the deep dark doldrums of the Northwest rainy season.



The college daze was the fertile breeding ground for disturbing amounts of dance muzak.  Growing up I had always piqued a healthy appreciation and appetite for the beat; my brother was a drum and bass DJ so I considered it a trial by fire.  “Learn to love shaking sidewall, or suffer silently.”

So, finally having my own house from which to soul-crush and neighbor-disturb with electronica was a true delight.  I was a happy clam.  As the world would have it, running parallel to my sonic party trajectory were the mysterious masked men known as The Bloody Beetroots, and they gifted my universe with a rage-ridden beat-behemoth.  “Warp 1.9” featured Steve Aoki (whom I most awesomely and daringly introduced myself to in the massage parlor of the Seattle-Tacoma International Airport) howling into the void that is human existence, declaring the doomsday imminent and all resistance futile; our last days to be spent in a ceaseless fit of dance-hysteria as the clock tick-ticks towards devastation.  Think of Britney‘s “Dance Until the World Ends” with the suck-knob turned all the way down.  This is the type of track that I can’t resist, one that ceaselessly and un-apologetically pumps up heart palpitations and rushes blood to the “fun” spots in your brain via bass drum kicks.  Get on some furniture, lose your shirt, get weird; it’s a Tuesday night, bro!

[audio:|titles=10 Warp 1.9 (feat. Steve Aoki)]

Quick Runner Up:  Due to the insatiable ass-kickery that is Iron Maiden, I must include their stand-out song “The Wicker Man.”  If this response was based solely on the “Number of Beers Shotgunned To” scale as it should have been, then “The Wicker Man” is a stand-out winner, this song is in a beer-guzzling league of it’s own.  I’ll leave you with some of their invigorating and inspiring word-smithing’s “You watch the world exploding every single night, Dancing in the sun a new born in the light.  Say goodbye to gravity and say goodbye to death. Hello to eternity and live for every breath.  Your time will come, Your time will come…”



When I was a freshman in college I used to party at the hippie communes a lot – I mean I did go to college in Eugene, Oregon- and I always listened to “Gimme Shelter” by The Rolling Stones before adventuring out. Great song, bit of a throwback but it always got me ready to feel like it was still 1970. I’m sure for some people in Eugene it still is. Then I moved to Ireland for a while and thanks to this grimy, sweaty, fantastic bar called An Brog (or in English- The Shoe) that always played Dropkick Murphys’  “I’m Shipping to Boston” right around the time everyone was getting drunk and going crazy, the rest of my time there I would always listen to that right before a big night of Irish drinking. Now a days I’m living in Seattle and am getting progressively more and more into electronic music. Deadmau5’s “Ghosts n Stuff (Nero remix)” has found it’s way into my ears many a time while prepping to go out on the town. I mean how could you not get pumped up by a producer who DJs while wearing a giant dead mouse mask?

Dropkick Murphys – “I’m Shipping up to Boston”

Deadmau5 – “Ghosts N’ Stuff (Nero Remix)



First off, I want to thank Alex for giving us the opportunity to participate in this wonderful forum for discussing music.

For this prompt I first thought of the music that started the trend of dancing on tables and couches and shot gunning beers on our stoop. Travis has taken care of that. Those were the heavy metal/electro fist pumping phase of our college days. I then thought of the post college phase. The times we popped bottles in the dimly lit office studio Travis was “squatting” at after we graduated, where we would pre funk and watch music videos before stumbling next door to the only “dance club” in Bellingham, Glow. As we entered the bartender would (once) welcome us with bottles of Champaign and two Champaign glasses. In order to get in the Top 40’s mood, these are three of the many we had on repeat.

Rad Omen – “Rad Anthem”

Bun B – “Put It Down (ft. Drake)”




Aha Shake Heartbreak – Kings of Leon

It’s hard to think of music that energizes me into being a party-friendly human. As I tried to force upbeat tunes from my brain, the first artists that came to mind were Girl Talk and Crystal Castles, but they didn’t seem quite right – they are the party. If I’m getting ready to go out and really tie one on, I want to build up to that climax. This album does that for me; it lets me create imaginings of what the night ahead might hold. Sure, it gets a little sad here & there, but it’s hardly wrist cutting material & there are a few topnotch feel-good tracks sprinkled about (“King Of The Rodeo,” “Taper Jean Girl,” and “Four Kicks” in particular) that make up for the low points. Aha Shake Heartbreak is the perfect record to play as you mix yourself the first cocktail of the evening & put on your party face.

[audio:|titles=Taper Jean Girl]



When I need to ‘go big or go home’ I go big thanks to the album Latin by Holy Fuck. Whether I pick one song at random for a quick fix of fuel or listen to the thunderous album from beginning to end, Holy Fuck gets them juices goin’! Perhaps seeing the four-piece sickness-band play live contributes to my taste for their delicious Latin album. Nevertheless, I wanna stomp big shits when I hear that defibrillating electrotone! Ima stomp shit now I’m so pumped!



Holy Fuck – “Latin America”


I like Wiz Kalifa. Anything by Wiz Kalifa except that song with Too Short, because in the video Too Short just looks really old and creepy and is wearing a brown polo shirt. As any young lady knows, this is a great excuse to run the other direction, even if the gentleman is question is speaking frankly about providing ones entire “posse” with a variety of narcoleptics. Actually, particularly if he is doing that.



Wiz Khalifa – “No Sleep”



Outside of Flogging Molly and the distinctly un-partyish Dropkick Murphys, my first St. Paddy’s thought is of the dopest-Irish-American-hip-hop-group-you-never knew-were-white-but created possibly the most memorable rap party anthem ever: House of Pain, with “Jump Around.” If you can get 40,000 Wisconsonites to do this, then you make the St. Paddy’s Party List:

In addition, I always bump People Under The Stairs “O.S.T.” and “Fun DMC” to get into party mode.

House Of Pain – “Jump Around”



What are some of your Party Songs?

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