The Neighbourhood – “Wires” – 6.4.12

“If he said help me kill the president
I’d say he needs medicine,
Sick of screaming let us in
Wires got the best of him
all that he invest in”

I’ve had this post hanging out as a draft for close to a month now because I never really knew what I wanted to say about it. Since I decided to wait so long I missed any sort of chance to be relevant in the all too important world of music blogs. Oh well, if we were in the business of trying to get as many viewers as possible we would probably be a little bit more consistent with our posts and not constantly post songs that came out months or years before. I’m only bummed I held onto this so long that I missed being able to help The Neighbourhood promote the May 7th release of their EP I’m Sorry. I mean think of the entire person we probably could have turned onto their music. I guess it’s not too late, go give them all your money right now.

If you want to know more about the young and mysterious little tykes you can visit their site here.


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