The Raveonettes – “Forget That You’re Young” – 2.5.12

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The Raveonettes – “Forget That You’re Young”


“And I hurt you…
And I forget that you’re young.
And I scare you…
And I forget that you’re young.
And I leave you…
And I know that you’re so young.
And I miss you…
And I know that you’re so young.”

I hated The Raveonettes the first 15 or so times I heard them. I know that’s not a very good endorsement for a band but don’t worry, the amount of time it took me to come around and like The Raveonettes is in no way their fault and instead  has more to do with me being a stubborn dickbag. As I’ve mentioned several times in the past, I used to work for a record store in Boise, Idaho. I usually worked with one or two other people and we would trade off picking albums to listen to. One guy who I worked with the majority of the time and closed the store with would usually play music that I did not care for all that much. I didn’t think his music was bad, we just had different tastes.

I’m sure everyone knows the person who just doesn’t get your tastes and is always suggesting things you don’t like (I know I’m that person to several friends). Eventually you will start to assume everything the person likes will fall into the category of something you don’t care for and will preemptively form an opinion before giving it a try. It should come as no surprise to people that understand how giving the background to a story works that, that is exactly what happened with me and The Raveonettes. Just because the other employee liked The Ravonettes and always played their album Raven In The Grave I decided I didn’t like them toning their album out whenever I heard it play.

One day I walked into the store and heard a song I really liked. I went up to the now playing area and to my surprise saw that it was “Forget That You’re Young” by The Raveonettes. Ever since that day I have loved half of Raven In The Grave (the second half still hasn’t grown on me yet) and tried to keep a more open mind and not be too quick to judge or form an opinion on music. I’ve even gone back and listened to old music I thought I disliked only to find, I now love it. I guess the moral of my super interesting tale and every kids book, movie, and television show ever is that you shouldn’t be too quick to judge something because chances are there is something more to it and if you give it time you might grow to love it (Also the moral of every romantic comedy ever).

The Raveonettes are a Danish duo comprised of Sune Rose Wagner and Sharin Foo. If you like “Forget that you’re young” you should probably listen to more of their music… just a suggestion.

– Alex

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