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“Thinkin’ Bout You” / Frank Ocean

No, I don’t like you, I just thought you were cool / Enough to kick it / Got a beach house I could sell you in Idaho / Since you think I don’t love you, I just thought you were cute / That’s why I kiss you / Got a fighter jet, I don’t get to fly it, though

And it goes on. All in Frank Ocean’s syrupy voice and surrounded by silky smooth production. Also, Idaho. Need I say more?

“Yesterday’s Fire” / Moonface with Siinai

Siinai adds a special kind of heaviness to the drama that is already a given in anything Spencer Krug touches. “Yesterday’s Fire” gives a perfect taste of what this album has to offer and, sexy as it may be, it stands firm as an apt anthem for our time.

Before I go / I think I should tell you that / All the stars are dying and / Most of them are already through. / We’re just getting off on yesterday’s fire

“Fineshrine” / Purity Ring

2012 was host to the release of numerous impressive debut albums. Shrines was one of these and “Fineshrine” one of its most notable tracks. I’m impressed when I hear Megan James‘ lyrics, but I’m also compelled to move around while I listen. These two things don’t often occur simultaneously.

“Oblivion” / Grimes

The moving around applies to this one as well, but I can barely hear what Claire Boucher saying and I don’t care. This broad is fresh and no matter how many times I hear “Oblivion,” the second it comes on, I involuntarily dance my face off.

“Southern Heart” / The Walkmen

It is next to impossible to settle on just one song from this record. But, in the company of mostly upbeat tracks, “Southern Heart” provides a welcome sad and subtle moment. Extremely spare instrumentation focuses attention completely on perfect word arrangement. Plus, bourbon makes a cameo in the first line.

“Hollywood Forever Cemetery Sings” / Father John Misty

What this song really deserves is video of the year. An old man dancing and Aubrey Plaza eating flowers? It’s effectively haunted me since January and it’s still all I can think about when I hear the song alone. See for yourself:

“New Year” / Beach House

Another Heaven-esque conundrum, Bloom was bursting with great tracks. Unlike previous Beach House iterations, it leaves me with a feeling of possibility instead of sweet despair and this is particularly true of “New Year.”

“Angels” / The xx

No need to listen to the rest of Coexist, just play the first two tracks over and over again. If you have to choose one, it’s “Angels.”

And everyday / I am learning about you / The things that no one else sees / And the end comes to soon / Like dreaming of angels / And leaving without them

I’d give the tip of my right pinky to have written that first.

“Elephant” / Tame Impala

With “Elephant” Tame Impala has managed to make me like a song that could easily be mistaken for The Beatles.

“Same Love (feat. Mary Lambert)” / Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

Same sex marriage is now legal in the state of Washington, people. If this song and its accompanying video don’t make you tear up at least a little, you should probably take a hard look at your humanity.


runners up

“Brothers” / Tanlines
“Today’s Supernatural” / Animal Collective
“How Do I Know” / Here We Go Magic
“Ode To Viceroy” / Mac Demarco
“Don’t Be Afraid” / Virgin Forest
“Speak in Rounds” / Grizzly Bear
“Working Titles” / Damien Jurado
“Nwo” / Deep Sea Diver
“I Want A Pair Of Cowboy Boots” / Jens Lekman
“Up All Night” / Best Coast


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