Top 12 Albums of 2012 (Julia)

Top 12 Albums of 2012 (Julia)


12. TrampSharon Van Etten

Favorite Track: “Give Out”

Totally enchanted by Sharon Van Etten’s voice. Such a good album for a rainy day, and considering it rains most of the time here in Seattle, it’s pretty much a good album for every day.

11. There’s No Leaving Now – The Tallest Man on Earth

Favorite Track: “Revelation Blues”

I’m such a sucker for The Tallest Man on Earth and this album only made me more obsessed.

10. The Lion’s RoarFirst Aid Kit

Favorite Track: “The Lion’s Roar”

This young Swedish sister duo (aged 19 and 22) blew me away with this twangy folky album very reminiscent of Emmylou Harris. Appropriately the second track is an ode to her.

9. The Kaleidoscope Lemolo

Favorite Track: “Knives”

So excited about this Seattle band. Self described as dream pop, this duo has exquisite intensity that’s easy to get wrapped up in.

8. O’ Be Joyful – Shovels & Rope

Favorite Track: “Hail Hail”

This album makes me want to move to South Carolina and start playing the fiddle.

7. Total Loss – How To Dress Well

Favorite Track: “Cold Nites”

Dreamy, heart wrenching, sexy, angry, dirty, beautiful.

6. Boys & Girls – Alabama Shakes

Favorite Track: “You Ain’t Alone”

This album is gritty, old school, and singer Brittany Howard wails on it. I love love love it.

5. The HeistMacklemore & Ryan Lewis

Favorite Track: “Neon Cathedral”

One of my favorite things about this album (besides that it’s an album committed to social justice and there’s an Allen Stone solo) is that it is self-produced. Number 1 on itunes with no label support is pretty rad.

4. History SpeaksDeep Sea Diver

Favorite Track: “NWO

Deep Sea Diver front woman Jessica Dobson kills with this album. I saw this band more times this year than probably any other and was thoroughly impressed each time.

3. Channel OrangeFrank Ocean

Favorite Track: “Pyramids”

Damn this album is SO good. That’s really all I can say about it.

2. An Awesome WaveAlt-J

Favorite Track: “Dissolve Me”

This album has a way of making me cry even during the upbeat, happy rainbow synth parts. It’s gentle and beautifully crafted.

1. VowsKimbra

Favorite Track: “Plain Gold Ring”

Kimbra has a fantastically huge voice and a knack for intricate songwriting. This album didn’t come out of my car CD player for upwards of 5 months.


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