Treefort Day Two & Day Three: In Which Our Limits are Realized & Subsequently Surpassed

Photo by Ben Linbloom

It’s already the last day of Treefort and I don’t want it to be over.

It snowed intermittently throughout the day on Friday, which brought some cause for concern about happenings on the outdoor main stage. Seattle’s Deep Sea Diver were the first to brave the chilly scene and they got lucky with sunshine and occasional wind gusts, adding a hint of drama that complemented impeccable renditions of “Nwo” and “History Speaks.” In spite of it being their last show of the tour, Deep Sea Diver brought what felt like brand new energy to a full, dynamic set. Pickwick followed on the main stage with their customary infectiously loaded live presence, playing a few new songs that left the audience looking forward to the next album. Lucky for me, Kithkin got into Boise a little late and I got to the Neurolux just in time for their face-crushing set. Everything about this band should be bad. Described as a “sort of punky drum circle” and “the soundtrack to The Lion King turned up really really loud,” I wasn’t expecting these Seattle University kids to become my new favorite band. Then they had breakfast with our moms … more on that later. The only other thing that happened on Friday was the unequivocal certainty that the Modern Hotel‘s drink, The Layover, is the best drink on the planet. If you’re ever in Boise, you should try it. Plus, it comes with a side of pecans, so it sort of counts as dinner. After that, I took a very long nap called sleeping until Saturday morning.

Photo by Ben Lindbloom
Photo by Ben Lindbloom

Saturday brought the discovery of Ugly Hussy. No more than a young man, a guitar and a looping pedal, The Crux was completely mesmerized. A few hours later, Bellingham’s Learning Team warmed up the Linen Building with their super earnest vibes of youth. The zenith of the evening, however, was the debut of Boise’s Magic Sword. Their identity still concealed, the band’s first live appearance was haunting, sending a packed China Blue (yes, China Blue) into dancing, tempered hysteria. The man wielded a sword, they laid some guitar over it and all the village rejoiced.

— Catie


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