Treefort Music Fest Year Two: In Which Panda Bear & Avey Tare Commence Exploration of the Wilds of the High Southern Idaho Desert

2013_Treefort_LogoIn March of 2012, Boise, Idaho made its first real foray into music festival hosting. Approached with the intention of showcasing emerging artists, Treefort Music Fest featured a slew of bands that call the PNW home and further legitimized itself with acts like Of Montreal, Why? and beloved Boise locals, Built To Spill. The inaugural festival was a resounding success with first time event hiccups somewhere between nonexistent and unnoticed. It was four days of magic that left the city and visitors alike reeling with exhaustion and excitement akin to the aftermath of running a marathon.

Such success comes with its share of concerns, however. Will next year disappoint? Will there be a next year?

Well, it’s next year. The world didn’t end and neither did Treefort. The first round of artists was announced on December 13th, a list mostly comprised of bands you’ve never heard of. The Internet didn’t respond very well to this, but after this morning The Internet is walking home with its tail between its legs because this happened:

Animal Collective.

Also, Youth Lagoon, Sage Francis, Dan Deacon.

And favorites from the 2012 festival like Delicate Steve and Pickwick. But not too many favorites. The key for Treefort will be to take caution with repeats and the good folks over at Duck Club appear to be aware of this.

So, listen. DHM wants to tell you something: Find yourself a Sharpie and go write TREEFORT all over your calendar on all the days from March 21st to 24th. Then get out your credit card and spend your money on some stupidly cheap tickets because you’re going to Boise to see for yourself. If you’re nice, maybe you can stay with our moms.

– Catie

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