Treefort Top Twelve: Travis

The haze has lifted.  Apollo shifts on his perch.  This week has sucked.  My top twelve things — or whatever — of Treefort 2013.

1.  A heavy shortage of neon, face paint, feathers, glow sticks, and all other things that cause your brain to fucking hurt.  Often, these festival accoutrements hinder all good times.  Idaho must have banned them statewide.  Only one dude was wearing paisley pants, and his name is Seth, and he’s a good dude.

2.  Ample parking. (Or “How I Learned to Love Having My Mom Drive Me to Bars.”)

3.  My friend telling my mother that he loved her.  Over a shared whiskey flask.  At a show.

4.  Finding out that Ryan from Grizzled Mighty has wicked sleep apnea.  Also, rests with cowboy hat over his eyes like a man.

Like a Man

5.  White Lung.  In which I lost both my keys and my glasses in the moshpit then came to find them twenty minutes later, in perfect (scratched) working order.  Also, got on stage (on my back, not of my own regard)!

6.  Not going to bed before 5AM once.  Because I’m not a pussy.  I can hang (my Mom worries about me now).

7.  Being reminded that Boise, Idaho is the world’s largest living history museum.  So quaint.  So rustic.  Good to know the 1900’s are alive and well.


8.  No lines.  Anywhere.  Not even for Payette Brewery beer.  Not even for Korean Street Tacos.

9.  Bands: Dirty Moogs killed it.  Wax Idols let me interview them twice.  Pickwick changed everything.  Grizzled Mighty shredded, and were very cordial to my Mother.  Widowspeak were far too good.  Kithkin put up with my hungover-depression-suicide-Saturday.  UMO is just fucking weird and awesome.  Ugly Hussy is a great man.  Other bands were there and did well, I just don’t remember.

10.  The Owyhee Plaza Hotel.  Thanks for the non-memories and allowing me to try and play Michelle Branch on your Grand Piano (and for rescuing me when I got stuck on the fire escape during a snowstorm).

11.  That time we opened the door on the random Airstreamer and there was some sort of old person orgy occurring in the midst.

Old People Are WEEIRD

12.  Vine™.  6 seconds of video remembers a lot more than I do.


Seven Quotes to Sum it All Up:

“My butt’s been a funeral all day — habanero prawns.”

“No, literally, it’s the best bathroom in Boise.  It won an award.”

“It smells like sage in here — awesome.”

“‘Life will find a way,’ Jurassic Park dude…”

“Yeah, It would be purple if it was made for Mace Windu.  What the fuck is this? Star Wars amateur hour?”

“There is probably, like, a mossy altar up there on stage, I just can’t see it.”

“Trust me, I’m a local.  Namaste.”

So wise.

Streets Wide Enough For Buffalo to RoamElvis, the Dog?

LoveOh cool, snowstorm.

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