[Video] Bat For Lashes – “What’s A Girl To Do?” – 3.27.12

Bat For Lashes
“What’s A Girl To Do?”

“We walked arm in arm
But I didn’t feel his touch
The desire I’d first tried to hide,
That tingling inside was gone”

I know I’m like six years late on posting about “What’s A Girl To Do?” and even three years past posting about “Daniel,” but Bat For Lashes is a band that I heard awhile ago and didn’t like only to hear again recently and fall in love with. I’ve mentioned in the past how I hate when I start liking a band a few years after they were cool to like but I’ve stopped caring about that recently because it’s hard to find a new song and band to post about everyday that I actually enjoy. I could post about whatever new band is blowing up the blogosphere (such a terrible term) in the hopes of gaining more traffic, but I would rather do a post on a song or band I actually enjoy, no matter how irrelevant they may be.

I don’t have much to say that isn’t already known about Natasha Khan (Bat for Lashes), but I love both the songs I included in this post. “What’s A Girl To Do?” is off her 2006 album Fur and Gold. I watched the music video for “What’s A Girl To Do?” the first time I ever listened to the song so I might be a little biased in favor of it because I love the video so damn much! It’s simple, creepy and I can’t take my eyes off it every time I watch it. “Daniel” is off Bat for Lashes 2009 album Two Suns. This won’t be the last time I bring up this movie because I love both it and its soundtrack so damn much but I feel like “Daniel” could have fit perfectly on the Drive Soundtrack. It has a creepy sort of feel to it but it seems more cinematic and almost has that 80’s sort of sound that is found on the Drive Soundtrack.

I haven’t heard anything about any new albums from this English beauty but you better believe I will post about it as soon as I do.



Bat For Lashes – “What’s A Girl To Do?”

[audio:http://www.deadhorsemarch.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/04-whats-a-girl-to-do.mp3|titles=Bat for Lashes what’s a girl to do]

Bat For Lashes – “Daniel”

[audio:http://www.deadhorsemarch.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/03/daniel-1.mp3|titles=Bat for Lashes daniel]

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