[Video] BRAIDS – “Plath Heart” – 4.4.12

“Plath Heart”

“Then out slides the Golden Baby 
With my stark hair 
Eating men like then air
Not your eyes just the beating of a Plath Heart
Shooting in the wet dark 
I poke and turn you smoke and yearn”

While working on DHM and constantly looking for new music, I discovered a skill of mine I never knew I possessed: Starting to love music that’s already been out for a little more than a year. I haven’t figured out a good way to properly utilize this new found power of being constantly a year behind the music trends but hopefully I can figure it out in 12 or so months. All that to say that I finally got around to liking BRAIDS these past few weeks even though they have been around for sometime now.

BRAIDS are a Canadian band consists of Raphaelle Standell-Preston, Katie Lee, Austin Tufts and Taylor Smith. “Plath Heart” and “Lemonade” (attached below) are both from BRAIDS debut album Native Speaker, released in January of last year.  I added the music video for “Plath Heart” but I would recommend listening to the song first.


BRAIDS – “Lemonade”

[Music Video] BRAIDS – “Plath Heart”

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