[Video] Deep Sea Diver – “In Black and White”

Deep Sea Diver
“In Black and White”


This is a live session recording from Deep Sea Diver‘s (Facebook/Bandcamp) Seattle practice space taken for Sound on the Sound. The first song is “NWO,” and the second is “You Go Running,” both of which are off their February album release History Speaks.

Lead singer and guitarist Jessica Dobson‘s voice is chilling in “NWO” most notably when she hits her “O’s.” She captured me instantly when she wails “taking it’s hOOOOld on us,” and “I feel the fear in your hOllow spine.” Since that first time I heard them I have been amazed at the musicianship and beauty of the band. I say beauty because they all look cool. I say musicianship because every aspect of the band is intriguing. It’s not just the vocals that make the band, the bassist, John Raines is killer with rolling smooth bass lines, which get crunchy at times and never cease to keep my attention. The drummer and husband to Jessica (lucky dog!), Peter Mansen  plays technical, catchy dance beats which I imagine get a crowd moving live, especially in “You Go Running” when Michael Duggan and Jessica duo on guitar with poppy muted finger picking and occasional jolts of reverberated strumming which gives it a saucy, very Caribbean feel.

I have never had the urge to purchase an album more since I heard Deep Sea Diver’s latest release History Speaks. I just bought it and plan to write an album review for it. This is only the beginning…

History Speaks is available on vinyl ($15) and digital download($10) HERE!




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