[Video] Deep Sea Diver – “NWO”

Deep Sea Diver

I’ve spent the past few weeks believing we already did a post for “NWO”  because Travis, Ben and I all love Deep Sea Diver and we especially enjoyed this low budget DIY video they made with their album producer/video director/camera man/friend/probably a myriad of other things; Matt Wignall. That’s why it came as a surprise to me last night when I got it the mood for some soothing J-Dob vocals and tried searching DHM for a good 15-20 minutes for this video, thinking we must have misspelled or tagged the post wrong. Nope, ends up we all thought the other did the post, I guess that’s what happens when you add alcohol induced proclamations of who’s going to do what with not really being organized in the first place.

You can find out more about Deep Sea Diver and our obsession with them here. If you are lazy (no judgments) I will also give you the short version. Deep Sea Diver consists of Jessica Dobson, Peter Mansen & John Raines and “NWO” is off their debut record History Speaks which you can purchase on their bandcamp page. Travis and I are still mift at Ben for only getting the mp3 instead of the vinyl but I think I finally might be able to afford it myself and I’m not going to let him come listen to it on my nice big speakers, everyone else is welcome though.


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