[Video] Grimes – Oblivion – 3.2.12

Grimes – “Oblivion”


Claire Boucher is the enigmatic presence that has become Grimes, and I am consistently impressed with this lime-lit starlets abilities and dispositions.  I’ve always had a soft-spot for this dream-pop producer, based on stories of personal exploits (such as crafting a boat and attempting to sail the Mississippi River, a la modern-day Huck Finn) and for her avoidance of the hyper-sexualized photo-shoots and imagery that often surround young female artists.  Claire Boucher has become a fashion-icon and respected musician of her own merits and in line with her personal moral codes.  Grimes continues to provide a positive role model for up and coming women in a field that has been overtly engraved with the idea that only “Sex Sells.

This new music video for the stand-out single “Oblivion” off Visions, is packed with distinct divisions between Grimes’ spectator-type character and the machismo that surrounds; the solitary specter in the crowded coliseum that dances to her own drum-machine.

Am I to interpret this video as an expression of Claire’s viewpoint on the role of the feminine ideal in mass-media?

I have no clue

She probably just wanted to be surrounded by shirtless dudes…


– Travis

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