[Video] Justice – “New Lands”


“New Lands”

Full disclosure: I am not really a fan of the new Justice stuff. Call me old fashioned (in internet years), but I look back upon a shimmering past life when So Me’s “D.A.N.C.E” video popped onto my computer screen and immediately grabbed a hold of my brain, consuming my thoughts for days.  Too often I’ll find myself lost In Memoriam of Justice, fresh coffee steaming gently in hand as I cast a pensive glance across Lake Washington, fondly (and vaguely) recounting evenings spent dancing with my shirt off to “Phantom II” upon a table.  But as of late, the memories made with Justice are fewer and further between, time and space casting great chasms between us.  Just when I had almost given up on the French house duo, they present this, and we are reunited at last.

If you knew me (in real life) you’d know I’m not a huge sports fan (aside from once nearly completing a perfect season with the Charlotte Hornets in NBA Jam), but I do love future sports (as we all do?).  Watch the neo-football-fantasy-roller-derby event of the season play out on an epic scale in Justice’s latest eyegasmic video for “New Lands”!  Oh also, the song isn’t horrible!

– Travis


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