[Video] Major Lazer – “Get Free (feat. Amber of Dirty Projectors)” – 6.3.12

“Headin downstream till the levee gives in,
And my dreams are wearin’ thin,
All I need’s relief,
I need, I need some sympathy”

This song has probably pissed off damn near half of Seattle by now. It’s not a bad song, quite the opposite actually, it’s more that I’ve been attempting to hum and whistle it for the past few weeks and seeing as t-ball players can hit pitches better than I can, it has indirectly annoyed every person in the general vicinity of me.

Major Lazer and Amber Coffman of Dirty Projectors are both pretty great in their own right but together they combine to form the perfect storm of a song. But you know, with less dead fishermen… and no George Clooney movie based off of it.. and not so much a storm as a relaxingly mellow song to listen to on a sunny hill looking for shapes in clouds. Anyway you can get the song here.



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