[Video] Metronomy – “Everything Goes My Way” – 6.5.12

“Why give it all on you, you shot a hole in my heart straight through
When you pushed me aside, three weeks I cried
But now you got me back, You know I’ll never up and run
Yeah I stay in here, I stay right here”


[audio:http://www.deadhorsemarch.com/wp-content/uploads/2012/05/03-Everything-Goes-My-Way.mp3|titles=Metronomy – Everything Goes My Way]

I was listening to a music playlist I made around a year ago and Metronomy’s “Everything Goes My Way” started playing reminding me how much I like this song. I remember when The English Riviera came out last year I had a girlfriend who would play “Everything Goes My Way” over and over in my car making me get a little sick of it, but apparently time heals all wounds because hearing it again is like a breath of fresh air. I’m sure my re-discovery and liking of it has nothing to do with the real vitamin D I have been receiving lately and the gradually warming Seattle summer weather. I guess you could say that everything is going my way… Sorry, sometimes I like to pretend that my write-ups are like a movie trailer so I try and awkwardly work in the song title.

Metronomy consists of Joseph Mount, Oscar Cash, Gbenga Adelekan, and Anna Prior . “Everything Goes My Way” is off the English bands 2011 album The English Riviera and features the vocals of Roxanne Clifford.


Metronomy – “The Look”

[Video] Metronomy – “Everything Goes My Way”

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