[Video] The Neighbourhood – “Female Robbery”

The Neighbourhood
“Female Robbery”

It may be because I used to be really into film, but most of my favorite music videos are ones where the song acts as only the soundtrack to the story being shown and the artists, if they are even in it, don’t feel the need to have shots of themselves singing into the camera. Don’t get me wrong there are many music videos I love where artists are the focus as they sing throughout, I just happen to usually fall on the other side of the spectrum, loving videos that don’t. The Neighbourhood’s video for “Female Robbery” not only does well focusing on the story side, letting their music act as a powerful soundtrack, but also kills it with the style and feel of the video. The cinematic nature and spinning transition shots only made me love it more, giving it the feel of a constantly moving story that never once left me feeling stagnate.

I did a Song of the Day write up on The Neightbourhood a few months ago and lamented in it, how I was bummed I wasn’t able to help promote them in time for their EP release. Well, fate/the way the music industry works, decided to give me another chance because along with their new music video, The Neighbourhood’s EP I’m Sorry is now available through iTunes and merchandise available later this week through their online store. If you would like more information on the band feel free to check out their website or read my previous write-up on their equally great song “Wires.”


Female Robbery by theneighbourhood

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