[Video] Wildcat! Wildcat! – “Please and Thank You”

Wildcat! Wildcat!
“Please and Thank You”

I have news!

1. Today, Nylon announced that Wildcat! Wildcat! is working on a full-length album and have their first EP, Wildcat! Wildcat!, due September 10th via Downtown Records.

2. I found a video that I’ve been really anxious to see. This video for Wildcat Wildcat’s Please and Thank You was filmed live at Seattle’s Crocodile Cafe, and originally released in January, taken down shortly after, then re-released in May. I was covering the show for DHM (see interview) and remember this film crew with camera setups on both sides of the stage. I met Darkheart Visions after the show and they said they were just fans and asked the band if they could film. I’ve been anxious to see the final cut ever since. I really hope this get’s the recognition it deserves. If you like it, share it. Also, you can see me behind the drummer at 4:26.

Directed by Domenic Barbero
Edit: C.R. Saxton
Camera operators: Domenic Barbero/C.R. Saxton/Kat Audick
P.A.’s: Haili Colson/Ashleen Weston
Darkheart Visions
Domenic Barbero Cinematography

Wildcat Wildcat Please and Thank You

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