Wildcat! Wildcat! – “Mr. Quiche” – 2.15.12

Wildcat! Wildcat!

“Mr. Quiche”

This electro-indie trio hailing from the small town of Los Angeles are still in their early stages with only two singles released in early January, but I am sure all it will take is a festival show for them to blow up. They are synth heavy with beautiful harmonies and tasteful falsettos (If you’re curious about un-tasteful falsettos, listen to Passion Pit).  And as some know about me I am a huge fan of smooth sensual baselines. I am willing to make a trade in this case for “sexy beats” as Wildcat! Wildcat! describes their sound with “quality taste and beautiful thoughtfulness in songwriting.”

I included both singles from Wildcat! Wildcat! because I had a hard time choosing between the two, “Mr. Quiche” is just a tad more catchy, but you can listen to “End of the World Everyday” below!

For more imagery, info and free downloads of either tracks from Wildcat! Wildcat!, visit their Facebook page and Bandcamp.


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