Wildcat! Wildcat! – “The Chief” – 6.27.12




I think Jesse Taylor, Michael Wilson, and Jesse Carmichael who make up this Los Angeles band Wildcat! Wildcat! are going about their music in a very smart way. To me they are perfecting each song down to the last note before releasing it. Seeing that as popular and well liked as they are already, they have only just released their third single earlier today as a free download on Soundcloud. I imagine fans are just fiending over their music, willing to kill for one more song, just one more to get them by.  Then, right before they hit their breaking point, Wildcat! Wildcat! releases another single. Well here it is, their latest titled “The Chief.” The hook for me was the saxophone cameo by William May, it’s nothing short of perfection.

Keep your ears peeled for their full length album which I hear is in the works.






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