Wildcat! Wildcat! – “No Moon At All”


I discovered Wildcat! Wildcat! around the same time we started this music blog and I think I featuring just about every single from their debut EP in those first couple months. Now, two years later, the “wildcats” are back and “prowling”[?] the “countryside” on their first full length, No Moon At All. As any hard working artist wants is to feel like they’re growing musically, growing in the right direction is a big factor. In my case, I feel like it’s all too common to lose interest in once treasured bands based on the smallest thing that for some reason changes my entire attitude or perception about them, weather that’s a shitty music video, a band member change, or a cheesy promo photo. So, I was little nervous to listen to their their new album, but was pleasantly surprised to hear the same twinkling keys and catchy harmonies that linger in mind for days. Although nothing quite matches “Mr. Quiche” and the general perfectness of every song on their self produced debut EP, I’m still a huge fan and was super happy to see them again last month in Seattle. I only hope they continue to stay true to their original sound.

Wildcat! Wildcat! are mid way through a US tour and have about eight shows left, so check out their website to see if they’ll be playing near you.

No Moon at All was released via Domino Records, you can purchase that here.



Two years ago Wildcat! Wildcat! ended their west coast tour with Alt-J to a sold out show at Seattle’s Crocodile, you can read the interview here


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