Willis Earl Beal – “Evening’s Kiss” – 1.28.12

“Drip drop, Window pane hypnotic
Clip clop, concrete, heals on it
I’m still disillusioned , and cool catatonic
Always in a daze  without smoking the chronic
And the doors still open at the end of the day
And I’m still hoping without much to say
You ask me how I’m feeling, Well I’m full of shit and doubt
Ask me who I’m with, and I tell you I’m without.”
Everything I’ve read about Willis Earl Beal makes him out to be one interesting guy. Apparently he would leave Cd’s and fliers around with his number and mailing address inviting people to get in touch with him so he could draw them a picture or sing them a song. He does not promote himself in any conventional ways through Facebook, Twitter, MySpace or Bandcamp. Despite all of his unpromotion (it’s a word in my dictionary) he was signed to XL Recordings (The xx, Vampire Weekend, Radiohead, Adele and every other band that’s popular right now) and a number of artists from James Blake and Damon Albarn want to work with him. I’m only touching the tip of the iceberg of Willis Earl Beal‘s life and this might be the reason that Mos Def wants to make a film of his life story. I can’t be sure if everything I’ve heard is true or simply a promotional stunt but either way, you can color me intrigued.
Willis Earl Beal is set to release his debut album Acousmatic Sorcery in March of this year. I’ve only heard two songs from Acousmatic Sorcery but on both songs his lyrics and vocals are subtly powerful. If the rest of the album is anything like “Evening’s Kiss” I’ll be happy.

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