Wise Blood – “Loud Mouths” – 12.9.11

Wise Blood
“Loud Mouths”

“We can head to the show, come on, powder up your nose,
And when I make some money, I’ll buy you clothes,
And if you like this life you should hold on tight,
I’m gonna make it and you know I’m right…
You’ve got those loud bitches, loud bitches telling you lies…”

Baptismal beats cover up devout delirium.

Pittsburgh-local Chris Laufman AKA Wise Blood is one weird dude.

I know from experience.

Last June, I went to a Friendly Fires show with the explicit intention of catching only the opening act.  What I received in-turn was an incredible concert experience from this East Coast-based homophobic creature whom hugged me openly and described Seattle as “very friendly” after escaping a near beating in the streets of Vancouver, BC.

Chris’ presence couldn’t be held by the sound stage constructed at Neumos in Capitol Hill.  As a result the majority of the Wise Blood set that summer night was performed from the cluttered cinder-grey concrete floor at my feet… I thought it was rad.

Despite his irreverent demeanor and mid-Texas-bred “hatred” towards homosexuals (although he loved the attention from said men that night), I definitely would have taken his offer to paint the town red that evening… If only I hadn’t had to work at 4AM the next morning… Oh well, next time, Chris, I hope the offer is still on the table.

 – Travis


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