Woodpecker Wooliams – “Gull” 10.16.12

Woodpecker Wooliams

Woodpecker Wooliams – Gull by Robot Elephant Records

I’m a sucker for a girl with a harp.

Woodpecker Wooliams (Gemma Williams) “Gull” hooks me with the first stroke of the harp and drags me in with her unique voice until all the sudden I realize I’ve been spacing out listening to her music for an hour (I was going to try and use the word HARPoon in there somewhere but for the sake of everyone I’m refraining). Her voice reminds me somewhat of another harp in hand singer, Joanna Newsome, while also giving me hints at another favorite of mine this past year, Dillon.

“Gull” is off Wooliams‘ album The Bird School Of Being, a seven track album with all the songs named after birds. The album is out now through Robot Elephant Records, and if you want to hear more from Woodpecker Wooliams you can visit her website or bancamp page.



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