WU LYF – “Spitting Blood” – 2.9.12

I got the star of David hanging over me
But oh mother Mary I find it hard to believe
That some ones hands no different to mine
could be hung on a wall
held as divine

We are so happy
happy to see
All of our children will run blind and free


WU LYF, pronounced “woo life,” is an acronym for “World United Lucifer Youth Federation” and name of this group out of Manchester, England. They have a semblance of a band of wailing miscreants, and coined the term for their sound as “heavy pop.”

I snagged this track off of TravisHype Machine playlist because it was an instant “love.” It was nothing I have ever heard before, and despite understanding only bits of their lyrics they belt them out with such passion and emphasis it doesn’t really matter. I get the point. I only wish I caught their show in Seattle last November!

Because I feel it is exactly what they want if I blog about their anonymity and how they refused interviews and turned down label offers for years to stay out of the spotlight,  I will not be touching on those topics. Surely I will not speak about how the majority of the press coverage on them is in fact they do not know anything about the band…

This song came off their album Go Tell Fire to the Mountain, which they self produced in a church in Manchester.






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