Yeasayer – “Henrietta” – 5.22.12


If announcing the details of Brooklyn band Yeasayer‘s third studio album, Fragrant World were a party, I would be showing up fashionably late. “Ben Lindbloom don’t show up to no party before 11 o’clock” as I always say (in third person of course). Unfortunately you cannot be slow to the draw in announcing a highly anticipated album or you’ll get shot, aka people simply go elsewhere for that information and in turn, we lose readers.

Well in case you haven’t already heard from those nerdy blogs who show up to the party right on time, Yeasayer has announced that the follow-up album to Odd Blood, which will be titled Fragrant World is due for release on August 20th. It will have 11 tracks, including “Henrietta,” a single they released a couple days ago and my song of the day which I will have blasting on repeat today with it’s powerful snare hits and funky bass lines echoing off my chamber walls.

I didn’t quite pick up notes of any “demented R&B” in “Henrietta” as they were earlier quoted “it’s like an Aaliyah album if you played it backwards and slowed it down. Or David Bowie’s ‘Lodger’,” but I am on the edge of my seat, waiting in anticipation for this album to come out. I particularly love the album name, Fragrant World because it instantly reminded me of my favorite book, Perfume by Patrick Suskind. As I listen to the album I will envision Jean-Babtise Grenouille stalking and murdering virgins in search of the perfect scent.






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