Young-Wonder – “Time (Feat. Sacred Animals)”

“Time (Feat. Sacred Animals)”


Young-Wonder is an Irish duo I can’t help but compare to Purity Ring. I don’t normally like comparing one band to another, but until Rachel Koeman started to sing I actually thought I was listening to a new Purity Ring track. Having now listened to several other songs by the duo, I can see they aren’t simply a musical copycat riding the tails of something that worked well last year and are in fact a very enjoyable and talented group I can’t wait to hear more music from in the coming future.

“Time” also features the vocals of Darragh Nolan of Sacred Animals and can be found on Young-Wonders upcoming EP Show Your Teeth, due out May 6 through Feel Good Lost. You can find out more about the band through their Website, Bandcamp, Facebook, Twitter or pick up their previous EP here. You can also listen to some of their other tracks below!


Young-Wonder – “Lucky One”

Young-Wonder – “To You”

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