Youth Lagoon – “July” – 1.4.12

“As the neighbor lights off the small bombs we watch 
from the rooftop… safely, so safely”

Holy crap, is it really already four days into the new year? The entire staff at Dead Horse March decided to celebrate New Years Eve a little hard. We thought it was a good decision in case all the apocalypse stories for 2012 end up being right and last Saturday was the last time we all had to bring in the new year.

If the apocalypse does end up happening this year, I hope it looks as beautiful as it does in this video for “July.” Youth Lagoon‘s album The Year of Hibernation was one of the DHM staffs favorites from last year and not just because he is from Boise, Idaho (hometown pride woot woot!).

You can tell a music video is good when it doesn’t distract from the song and instead adds to it, creating something more complete. I never thought “July” needed anything added to it because I liked it just how it was. I was proven wrong though, as is the case in most situations, because this video helps add another layer to the song I wouldn’t have taken away with me if not for the beautiful visuals that accompany it.

Keep being awesome Trevor Powers!


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